Electronically controlled pump

Electronically controlled feedpump Ecoflow Typ RP16 based on energy-efficient synchronous motor and integrated electronic speed control for professional applications. The technology of this synchronous motor excels itself by innovative wirewounding, the use of top-quality rare-earth magnets, proper designed speed control and temperature management. This features combined with high quality industrial bearings and an optimised ventilation system exceed the efficiency requirements of industry standard IE3.


Electronically controlled pump Ecoflow RP16 with single phase AC-motor and attached control unit


Compared to the pumps of series P/PW the controlled pump Ecoflow RP16 has lower mechanical noise. The design is an improved version of the successful and powerful series P/PW with focus on high flow rate, high pumping head and enhanced energy efficiency. Throttling the flow-through by adjusting a lower setpoint on the keypad may reduce the consumed power by 20% and more operating the RP16 like a PW10 or PW12 from  series P/PW.  


 The pump RP16 is shipped with 3 preprogrammed speed steps:

Speed step Flowrate: [Litres] Feeding height: [m] Power consumption: [Watts]
1 approx. 10.000 0,5 170
2 approx. 12.000 0,5 220
3 approx. 16.000 0,5 370


Speed steps may be also adjusted individually by simply entering the desired value using the membrane keypad. This may be necessary to adapt for bendings or T-fittings in the pipe system.



Electronically controlled pump Ecoflow RP16 with single phase AC-motor and attached control unit



Features of the controlled pump Ecoflow RP16 at a glance:
high efficiency factor
innovative,electronically controlled drive technology
quality product:  completely designed, produced and tested in germany
uses high quality components from reliable german suppliers
overheating protection
overload protection
soft startup



Electronically controlled pump Ecoflow RP16 with single phase AC-motor and attached control unit


Technical data single phase feed pump Ecoflow RP16
Article No.. Delivery: [Litres/min] Feed height: [Meters] Rating: [KWs/h] Fitting suction side [mm] Fitting Delivery side [mm]
RP16 265 13 0,37 40 32


Dimensions single phase pump Ecoflow RP16

measures over all, without fittings

Article No.







Height outlet:


Pump head


RP16 360 175 200 71 140


Technical Data Single phase feed pump Ecoflow RP16
Pump type: Single chamber rotary pump
Impeller: closed construction
Max temperature of liquid: 60 °C
Supported media: Low viscosity solvent-free liquids
Sealing between pump and motor:

High grade mechanical seal of leading german manufacturer

ozone resistant

Shaft bearings: Commercial ball bearings
Rotation speed: electronically controlled, Max. 3000 rpm - Min. 600 rpm
Motor cooling: by fan wheel
Motor type: Splash proof
Power supply: 235 volts / 50 Hzs AC
Motor protection: IP55-VDE0530
Operating mode

for continuous operation, 100 % duty ratio,

saltwater resistant

Overheat protection: Electronic overheat and overload protection
Delivery scope:

Fitting of appropriate width

power cord 5 m length