AC - Pumps

Reliable salt water resistant pumps based on high - quality electric motors of specially painted light alloy. Average lifetime of the ball bearings is approx. 50.000 hours. The motors are hermetically sealed from external influences, are splashproof and comply with all safety requirements. The pump casing is made of solid PVC + PP plastics, average wall thicknesses is >15mm. The pump impeller is made of tough PP (=polypropylene) and is made by high-precision CNC equipment. The sealing between motor and pump is a high-grade mechanical seal of a leading german manufacturer. The average pump maintenance interval is between 5 to 10 years. After exchanging the sealing and the bearings the pump will again run continously for the same timespan.


Pump with single phase AC motor Article PW...


Specs single phase pumps
Article No. Delivery: [Litres/min] Feed height: [Meters] Rating: [KWs/h] Fitting suction side: [mm] Fitting Delivery side [mm]
PW6 90 9 0,18 32 20
PW8 130 9 0,20 32 25
PW10 165 13 0,26 40 32
PW12 200 13 0,26 40 32
PW16 265 13 0,37 40 32


Dimensions single phase pumps

measures over all, without fittings

Article No..







Height outlet:


Pump head:


PW6 360 185 200 71 140
PW8 360 185 200 71 140
PW10 360 185 200 71 140
PW12 360 185 200 71 140
PW16 360 185 200 71 140


Technical Data Single phase feed pumps PW.....
Pump type: Single chamber rotary pump
Impeller: closed construction
Max temperature of liquid: 60 °C
Supported media: Low viscosity solvent-free liquids
Sealing between pump and motor:

High grade mechanical seal of leading german manufacturer

ozone resistant

Shaft bearings: Commercial ball bearings
Rotation speed: 2870 rpm
Motor cooling: Rearside fan wheel
Motor type: Splash proof
Power supply: 235 volts / 50 Hzs AC
Motor protection: IP55-VDE0530
Operating mode:

for continuous operation, 100 % duty ratio,

saltwater resistant

Overheat protection: Thermo fuse
Delivery scope:

Fitting of appropriate width

Power cord 2 m length