Levelswitch 5 / III i

The electronic levelswitch 5 - III / i is designed to control the waterlevel of aquariums, ponds, basins, tanks etc. to be at a certain setpoint. The levelswitch works reliably with salt - and freshwater. The sensor will be attached to the rim of the container using the provided holder. The switching point is easily adjusted by shifting the sensor rod up or down in the holder. As soon as the sensor tip gets in contact with water the power outlet is switched on. The adjustable delay time prevents unnecessary switching caused by choppy water. The operating manual for the levelswitch 5 - III / i is available in the download area.


Levelswitch 5 / III - i with sensor and holder


Technical Data Article 5 / III - i
Purpose: automaticdraining
Switch-on delay: adjustable from approx. 3 to 20 secs
Sensor length: 160 mm
Power outlet:

max. 150 watts

max. 500 watts, enhanced version (-R)

Power consumption: < 3 watts
Power supply: 235 volts / 50 Hz
Housing: black plastic case
Power cord: 1 m with "Schuko" - plug
Mains fuse:

1,6 A (150 watts)

2,5 A (500 watts), enhanced version (-R)

Operating mode: for continuous operation, 100 % duty ratio
Ground sensor connection:

red banana socket (a ground sensor may be necessary

for electrically isolated containers, i.e. a plastic tank)

Sensor(s): 8mm Ø, 100 % saltwater resistant
Switching hysteresis: 2 mm waterlevel difference
Status indication: red and green leds for function control
Dimensions: 200 mm x 85 mm x 55 mm (L x W x H)
Special modifications deliverable:

additional ground sensor

extended sensor length

extended sensor cable(s)

multiple sensors