Standard Digital Thermo - Controller Article No: 8 / V

The Thermo - Controller 8 / V is designed for reliable and accurate measurement and control of temperature values using Trop temperature sensors. The temperature value is presented by a large four-digit 7 - segment display. 3 leds show the status of the device. Operation is controlled by a rotary selector switch, 2 recessed potentiometers for setpoints and 2 potentiometers for hysteresis adjustment.



Technical Data Standard Digital Thermo - Controller 8 / V
Purpose: measurement and control of temperature - value
Measuring range: -55,0 °C to +150,0 °C
Resolution: 0,1 °C
Deviation: 0,2 °C

1 x heating, 1 x cooling, each 235 volts/ 1500 watts

fuse accessible from the rear side

Setpoint adjustment:

by recessed potentiometers in the front panel

separate for heating and cooling 0 °C to +50,0 °C

Hysteresis adjustment: separate for heating and cooling (0,2 to 1,0) °C
Status indication: 3 LEDs, for error diagnosis and status
Control range: 0,0 to +50,0 °C
Power cord: 1 m with "Schuko" - plug
Power consumption: approx. 6 watts
Display: four-digit 7 - segment display, 13 mm height
Power supply: 235 Volts / 50 Hz
Operating mode: for continuous operation, 100 % duty ratio
Dimensions: 220 mm x 148 mm x 70 mm (W x D x H)
Stackable: with Trop series 2, 7 and 8
Sensor extension:

probe connection cable may be extended up

to 10 m upon request at addional cost

Delivery scope:

Digital Thermo - Controller 8 / V

measuring probe with 2 m cable and jack

screwdriver 3 mm widtht